CPD Training Courses

If any members have any other courses they would like to be considered for CPD hours please contact Julie at the ASK office on 01980 881646 or email  admin@systematic-kinesiology.co.uk

CPD Course Information 

Gek-Bee Prout - Post Graduate Cranial Course - Saturday and Sunday 30th September - 1st October, Stroud, 

This cranial course covers a wide range of structural material and is taught by a highly experienced Kinesiologist and tutor who is both a member of ASK and ICAK

Patrick Holford - Integral Medicine Part 1 - Saturday 7th October 2017, London

Beyond functional medicine, Integral Medicine™ provides an integral understanding of who we are as human beings, and why we get mentally and physically sick. We are physical, biochemical, sensual, emotional, intellectual and spiritual beings and traumas, insults and unfulfilled needs in any of these aspects inevitably leads to disease. These aspects of who we are cannot be isolated – they are integral.

Chris Astill-Smith - Inflammation: The fire that burns within - Saturday 14th October 2017,Crawley

Our next ASK Training Day is on Saturday October 14th 2017 which is a full day seminar run by the ever popular presenter Chris Astill-Smith.

Chris will be looking at Inflammation - the fire that burns within:

Chris states that it is now recognised that all chronic diseases have three things in common:

1. An inflammatory response,

2. Oxidative stress, 

3. An immune reaction.

Chris will be explaining in detail about each of these and especially about acute and chronic inflammation and how to use bio-markers to identify and differentiate between them.

Various treatment protocols will be examined looking at the structural, biochemical and emotional sides of the triangle.The presentation will include a number of demonstrations and complementary test vials for each delegate. Comprehensive notes will also be provided to delegates.

Terry Larder - Analogue muscle testing - Saturday 21st October 2017, Leicester

If you haven't yet learned how to test in analogue, this course is a must. You will obtain much more information from your client's body and get much more done in your sessions.

Terry Larder - Deep Level Chakra Balancing - Friday 27th - Sunday 29th October 2017, Leicester

Balancing chakras resolves 90% of hypertonic muscles. This deep
level approach can facilitate profound changes for your clients

Terry Larder - Lateral Thinking for the Kinesiologist - Saturday 2nd December 2017, Leicester

A great course for new kinesiologists or those who would like to extend their knowledge on how to know what to test for and when.This new day course is a real confidence builder.

Austin Wyse - Self Mastery Workshop - Saturday and Sunday 2nd - 3rd December 2017, Bristol

Why do some people succeed at levels beyond their imagination, while others struggle? So often it comes down to two main areas; how they master their emotions and how they master their ability to communicate. Think about it, if you can’t master your mind and body and your ability to influence others, then you’re stuck forever in mediocrity This Self Mastery workshop offered by Essence Heath Training offers deep and rich insights on the subjects of Subconscious Emotions and Subconscious Communication … to help you take control of every aspect of your life and begin to reach your full potential.

ICAK International Meeting 2018 - June 8-10 2018. Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club Edinburgh

The theme of the conference is "To Boldly Go - from Insight to Illumination" and it is our aim to follow the intentions of Dr Goodheart in both respecting the old and embracing the new.

The agenda of speakers will focus on our newer diplomates and teachers, who are bringing to the world of AK exciting and innovative techniques that are borne out of new research in science and medicine – our knowledge of the neurophysiology of the body and the human biome is exploding and we are able to back up our findings with research as never before. Such developments mean that we must move forward with all that is fundamental in the use of AK within the clinical environment. 

Austin Wyse - Meridian Tapping Saturday and Sunday 23rd - 24th June 2018, Bristol

Wyse Meridian Tapping is a weekend workshop offered by Essence Health Training where Austin Wyse and Dawn Bailey not only teach the basics of the tapping process, but also share profound information about the subconscious, how we function emotionally and the new science of trauma over this two day event as well.