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The Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK) is the accrediting body for courses, schools and tutors.

ASK is a charity, raising the awareness of Systematic Kinesiology and the great value Systematic Kinesiology has in preventative health care, for reducing pain and stress and for improving mental and physical health and well-being.

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ASK WEEKEND 4th and 5th June 2016

Another great line up of speakers!


Terry Larder is the morning session speaker, the founder of Classical Kinesiology.

She will be giving a master class in kinesiology – not to be missed!
Terry will be covering the following:

  • What is the magic ingredient that, research shows, makes a practitioner successful in their business?
  • How to assess your client so that you test for the most appropriate kinesiology protocols
  • Taking the case study
  • Putting a treatment together

Terry has been a natural healthcare practitioner for 30 years and during that time has helped over five thousand individuals with many disorders. She also is director of the Classical Kinesiology Institute now specialising in post graduate training. She has lectured countrywide and internationally in Japan and the USA and appeared in the national media and on breakfast TV. She is a former chair of the Kinesiology Federation Policy Board and has been involved with the General Naturopathic Council, the voluntary regulatory body for naturopathic medicine.

Helena Arguelles is the afternoon session speaker.

Many of you will have already met Helena as she now has a regular stand at the ASK Days, selling, among other items TFH wall charts. Helena is a TFH tutor and is giving an introduction to the TFH metaphors, with the emphasis on goal balancing.  Helena writes:

Touch for Health metaphors were developed by Dr John Thie and his son Matthew Thie adding a deep and significant dimension to their previous work. The Touch for Health Metaphors can provide powerful insight into the thoughts and feelings that surround a specific issue. Including them in a session enriches our conscious awareness and helps us readjust our approach allowing permanent positive change and enabling us to reach our goals more effectively.                             

Metaphors bring a new and easily implemented dimension to balancing, not only for our clients but also friends and family and, most importantly, ourselves.”


Dr Sally Prestwich, who is also an ASK trustee and head of the School of Advanced Kinesiology (SAK).

She will be giving a one day presentation of the ever popular Primary Reflexes. You will need to book early so as not to miss your chance to learn or revise this fascinating topic.

The ASK June event is open to all ASK members plus family and friends and all interested health practitioners.

Cost: Saturday ASK Day £30 ASK members; £40 non ASK members

          Sunday £50 if paid by 5th May, thereafter £80

Venue: Arora Hotel, Crawley, the Longley Suite. For more details go to http://gatwick.arorahotels.com

Attendees are invited to attend a FREE lunch for both days, consisting of a jacket potato bar with various fillings and salad.

Free Parking

Hotel discount rates are available on application to the ASK office:

e-mail: admin@systematic-kinesiology.co.uk

Tel: 0845 020 0383 local call rate