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The Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK) is the accrediting body for courses, schools and tutors.

ASK is a charity, raising the awareness of Systematic Kinesiology and the great value Systematic Kinesiology has in preventative health care, for reducing pain and stress and for improving mental and physical health and well-being.

What's new?

We have just returned from the Arora Hotel in Crawley where we held an amazing weekend with over 150 delegates joining us over the 2 days.

Terry Larder gave our members a series of fascinating presentations over the full day on material ranging from new techniques to old favourites that often get forgotten. -  Presentations

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During the weekend we also held our annual AGM, - AGM Presentation

The next event we have planned is a full day seminar on October 14th 2017 which is a full day seminar run by the ever popular presenter Chris Astill-Smith.

 2018 is the 30th anniversary of ASK and we are privileged that ASK's founder Brian Butler will be appearing by video during the June weekend. lots more is planned which are currently being worked on. For now please put the following dates in your diary:


Saturday January 27th 2018

Saturday and Sunday 16th-17th June 2018

Saturday October 20th 2018